"Kids are loving it. It’s fun, but it’s also healthy"

The CDC offers tips for parents trying to prevent their children from becoming overweight or obese. #Whats4Lunch 

Though food service directors have a lot on their plates to come up with meals that meet the standards but are still appetizing to students, two key strategies appear to be working: Giving students more choices; and having students play a role in what goes on the menu. #Whats4Lunch

See that apple your child is eating at lunch in McFarland Intermediate School? Could be Jersey Fresh.

And when the weather warms up, it won’t be unusual to see students in the district’s Clara Barton Elementary School tilling soil, planting seeds and tending veggies as they sprout in the school garden. #Whats4Lunch

Under the direction of principal Karen Wychock, Tohickon Middle School in Plumstead has received national recognition for its health initiatives. This year, school officials are encouraging students to “Rethink Your Drink” with a series of activities, including a television commercial for morning announcements. #Whats4Lunch

"We have to make the choices healthier, but also more interesting to the students, so they will participate"

Isaac Custer, center, second grade, takes a vegetable cup for his lunch at Centennial’s McDonald Elementary School in Warminster. Students are required to select at least one fruit or vegetable item for their lunch tray each day. #Whats4Lunch

Nationwide changes to school lunches are limiting calories for students, and some local schools are going above and beyond to teach students about nutrition outside of the cafeteria. At Cecelia Snyder Middle School in Bensalem, students are learning about what to eat in the classroom. #Whats4Lunch

Districts across the nation are overhauling traditional lunch menus to comply with new regulations that require schools to increase the availability of fruits, vegetables and whole grains, enforce calorie limits, scrap trans fats and regulate sodium content. The program is working, USDA spokesman Hans Billinger said, and thousands of schools “are already at or near the new standards.” #Whats4Lunch